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Do you feel that you need a drug or alcohol in order to function?(Required)
Is it hard for you to control your drug or alcohol use?(Required)
Have you ever lied about your use of drugs or drinking or hidden it from friends and family?(Required)
Do you ever drink alcohol or use drugs by yourself?(Required)
Do you use drugs or alcohol to cope with your feelings or to avoid dealing with the problems in your life?(Required)
Does your drug or alcohol use ever cause you to feel guilty, worried, trapped, lonely, sad, depressed, paranoid, or hopeless about the future?(Required)
Does your drug or alcohol use ever cause you to have difficulty paying attention at work, school, or home?(Required)
Have your loved ones ever complained that your drug or alcohol use is damaging your relationship with them or do they criticize you for it?(Required)
Have you ever ended up in the hospital or jail after using drugs?(Required)
If you stop using drugs or alcohol, do you get sick or have anxiety?(Required)