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Opioids are a class of drugs that are commonly prescribed to treat pain, but they can also be highly addictive. Overuse or misuse of opioids can lead to physical dependence, tolerance, and addiction. Touchstone Recovery Center in Fresno, CA provides comprehensive addiction recovery and treatment services for individuals struggling with opioid addiction.

Is Addiction Recovery Effective?

Yes, addiction recovery is highly effective with the right support and treatment. Touchstone Recovery Center has a team of experienced professionals who specialize in helping individuals overcome addiction to opioids and other substances. With a combination of evidence-based therapies, support groups, and individualized care, individuals can achieve long-lasting recovery and improve their overall quality of life.

Signs of Opioid Addiction

Some of the common signs of opioid addiction include:

  • Taking higher doses than prescribed
  • Taking the medication more often than directed
  • Difficulty stopping or reducing use of the medication
  • Withdrawal symptoms when not taking the medication
  • Neglecting responsibilities in favor of obtaining or using the medication
  • Engaging in risky or dangerous behaviors to obtain the medication

How Does Opioid Addiction Affect the Brain?

Opioids work by attaching to specific receptors in the brain and reducing the perception of pain. Over time, consistent use of opioids can lead to changes in the brain’s chemistry, causing physical dependence and addiction. The brain may also become less sensitive to the pleasurable effects of opioids, requiring higher doses to achieve the same level of pleasure, leading to a vicious cycle of addiction.

Types of Opioids

There are several different types of opioids, including:

  • Prescription painkillers, such as OxyContin, Vicodin, and fentanyl
  • Heroin, an illegal opioid
  • Synthetic opioids, such as fentanyl and tramadol
  • Methadone, a medication used to treat opioid addiction

Get the support and help you need to beat your addiction

Opioid addiction is a serious issue that requires professional help and support. Touchstone Recovery Center in Fresno, CA is dedicated to helping individuals overcome addiction and achieve long-lasting recovery. With a comprehensive approach to treatment that includes evidence-based therapies, support groups, and individualized care, individuals can successfully manage their addiction and improve their overall well-being.

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