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Have you noticed a change in your teen’s personality or behaviors, such as uncharacteristic irritability including aggressive or violent outbursts?(Required)
Have your teen’s grades in school decreased or are they getting into trouble at school(Required)
Have you noticed your teen withdrawing from friends and family? Or has your teen’s friend circle changed?(Required)
Has your teen shown less interest in activities, hobbies, or sports and lower motivation overall?(Required)
Do they have regular feelings of guilt, worry, loneliness, sadness, depression, anxiety or hopeless about the future?(Required)
No Have you noticed unusual physical symptoms, such as bloodshot or dilated eyes, weight loss, poor hygiene, excessive tiredness, nodding off, unexplained nosebleeds, or shakiness?(Required)
Have you found drugs or paraphernalia in your teen’s room, car, or clothing(Required)
Is your teen’s spending habits unusual? Do they seem to be going through excessive amounts of money? Or are they trading or stealing items from the house?(Required)
Does your teen’s friends use drugs or drink alcohol?(Required)
Do you have a family history of substance use?(Required)
Have prescription pills, spray cans, or alcohol ever gone missing from your house?(Required)